Pohela Boishakh 1421 Pohela Boishakh 2014

The Bengali New Year called Pohela Boishakh for this year 2014 is mentioned as the term Pohela Boishakh 2014 will be celebrated at 14 April 2014.

This day will be celebrated in not only in Bangladesh but also in Kolkata, India and everywhere in the world where Bangladeshi peoples live.

Pohela Boishakh in Bangladesh is very very much colorful as all the Bangladeshi people are Bangali and they just love their country and culture very much.

Pohela Boishakh in India is also very colorful but it is only in west bengal that is Kolkata. They celebrates this day through some colorful and traditional functions in different premises.

There are lots of Bangladeshi people lives in Australia so that they also arrange different features and function in Sydney for enjoy this day. They named this festivals as Pohela Boishakh Sydney or Pohela Boishakh in Sydney.

This day is the first day in the Bengali Calendar which was started by Somrat Akbar in Mughol Period. 

Boishakhi Photos
A Traditional Boishakhi Photo

There are some common features of pohela boishakh among the Bangladeshi people i mean the Bengali.

Female wears traditional boishakhi saree in this day with colorful print. Female are always very much conscious about their Pohela Boishakh Dresses.

Male wears traditional Panjabi and lungi or dhuti in this day.

People sings very traditional Pohela Boishakh Song or also known as Boishakhi Song or Boishakhi Gan in this day actually they just love to be a pure Bangali in this day.

People try to send Pohela Boishakh Gift to their near and dear people. It's an very attractive tradition for Pohela boishakh. They may send Boishakhi Photos as a gift or something others.

Normally all Bengali people try to take panta ilish as their breakfast in the morning.

And they know very well about the panta ilish recipe. Besides these are lots of Boishakhi food recipe which Bangladeshi people try to cook in this day.

Targeting this day different fashion houses from home and abroad produces different types of fashionable dresses for Pohela Boishakh Fashion.

In Bangladesh during the boishakh 1st day there set huge Pohela Boishakh Concert for the the people who loves bangla songs. Most of them are free for all like ramna botomul concert, ruchi boishakhi concert etc. and some are also paid concert held in indoor stadiums.

For new generation people in Bangladesh mobile network enhances the enjoyment of Boishakh. They used to exchange different types of Pohela Boishakh SMS Message among family, friends and near and dear.

There might be lots of colorful program around the country and also fairs (mela) for every people.

Lastly, I would like to say Pohela Boishakh 2014 or Pohela Boishakh 1421 will be the most amazing day for Bangladeshi peoples in this year. Hope you all will enjoy this day very very much. Best of luck everyone.

This year 2014, for pohela boishakh 142, I wish for all the best Pohela Boishakh wishes.

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